mineral water

  • Moffettas

    More, than 10 volcanic gas emanations are known in the zone, many of them are regularly used in moffettas: Vermet valley, Aladar, Pârâului Mare.

    Chemical composition:

    • CO2 14 - 99%
    • N2 0 - 79%
    • H2S 0,41%
    • O2 0 - 10%

    Radioactivity resulted from the radon (Rn 222) in the gas is 0,340 nci/litru.

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  • Pucioasa Spa - Sântimbru

    Local health-resort, west from Sâncrăieni in Southern Harghita mountains, at 1250-1350 m above sea level. Famous for natural mineral water springs and volcanic gas emanations, used in mofettas.


    On railroad line 400, between Braşov and Ciceu, station Sâncrăieni, and with local buses 14 west from there on country road.

    Mineral waters

    Low mineralized carbonated water springs (around 15), with yields around 1 l/sec at temperature below +12 C degrees. Used as table waters.

    Medical facilities

    Medical facility with minimal assistance, warm baths with 12 bathtubes.

    Accomodation and catering

    In a few lodges a total of 74 places in the summer. Eventually in one of many self-ovned lodges.

  • Sântimbru Băi - Büdösfürdő (Harghita, Romania)